Audiology equipment list, ear camp 2013
Audiology items needed for ear camps, Ear Aid Nepal audiology, April 2013
Stock list on ear camp, Ear Aid Nepal, April 2013

Examination Room - OPD

Examination Equipment - OPD

Audio Box

Operating Room


Instrument sets

Specialist instruments (2 long boxes)

Drill Box



Anaesthetic Box

Anaesthetics Accessories





Container for GV4
Bleach tablets1000
Bowls - 4 green, 4 blue, 4 red12
Bowls for hand washing2
Cotton 50 balls
Cotton buds1 box
Desk swabs 1000
Ear syringes2
Examination gloves 2 pack
Foley cathers (epistaxis) size 142
Gallipots 8
Hand towels4
Jug for ear syringing3
Jugs / measure / funnel for Savlon1+1+1
Kidney dish - plastic10
Long steel tray for flaming1
Needles 18 G and 5 ml syringes5 + 5
Papers for tables (large)3
Papers for tables (post - op examination) small6
Plastic bags for garbage2
Plastic tips for ointments 100's
Plastic tips unused - for post - op exam120
Soap and dishes2 + 2
Sphygmomanometer Digital1
Steel cups for desk instruments8
Steel tray for flaming1
Stitch cutter20
Suction machine, tubing, adaptor, tips1 set
Swab sticks - sterile1500
Syringes: 10 ml: Neosporin/ H/ Triple20 5 5
Syringes: 5 ml and 18 g needle5 5
Voroscope (charge batteries)3
Aural polyp snare & spare wire1
Aural speculum (metal & plastic)ALL
Auroscope - Heine & spare bulbs & fuses1
Auroscope - Heine (pocket)1
Auroscope - Welch Allyn & spare bulbs & fuses3
Barani noise box1
Bulbs - pneumatic for auroscopes2
Cotton wool wire applicators46
Forceps - baby Tilley ALL
Forceps - crocodile"
Forceps - cup"
Forceps - fine toothed"
Forceps - nasal bayonet"
Forceps - nasal polyp"
Forceps - pharyngeal foreign body removing"
Forceps - Tilley Henkels nasal"
Forceps -Tilley nasal dressing"
Foreign body hooks / probes"
Jobson Horne ring probes"
Laryngeal & PN space mirrors"
Nasal polyp snare (avulsion)"
Nasal polyp snare (cutting) & spare wire"
Needle holder (eye)"
Rogers spray for lignocaine 1
Scissors - fine pointed1
Sinclair Thompson nasal speculum2
Speculae for Heine & W-A auroscopes ALL
Suture cutters20
Tendon hammer1
Thudicums nasal speculum ALL
Tiley Lichtwitz sinus washout cannula & adaptors4
Tongue depressorsVARIOUS
Tongue depressors - wooden1 box
Tuning forks - 1024 Hz1
Tuning forks - 512 Hz3
Tuning forks - 256 Hz1
Tuning forks - 4096 Hz1
Air conductor (headphones)1
Audiogram form10 books
Batteries AA - for body worn HA200
Batteries button - for behind ear HA500
Batteries D 20
Battery box 1
Battery box fuse - 200mA2
Bone conductor1
Checker (like stethoscope)2
Ear mould drill machine and burrs1 set
Gun cannulae50
Hearing aid instructions for patients100
Hearing aids - BE and BW (depending on location)50 / 50
Impression foam pads
Otoplastik cartridges8
Otoscope (1) and speculae (20)1 set
Patient indicator1
Pen - red and blue1 and 1
Portable audiometer3
Receivers - various50
Spirit swabs and container500
Super glue2
Torch pen1
Twist drills2
Aprons (plastic)ALL
Autoclave Drum2
Autoclave tape1
Biopsy bottles, forms, labels5 SET
Bone wax (in plastic box)3
bowls for hand washing4
Brush - for pre-op scrub and container6+1
Cheatles (2) and container1 set
Connectors and adaptors1 box
Cotton wool - sterile - packs of 550
Cotton wool - unsterile - 400 balls loose
Dirty forceps2
Dispensers - Savlon/Betadine/Bleach2 + 2 + 2
Drains - corrugated (in plastic box)1 metre
Drapes - holeALL
Drapes - tableALL
Drill coversALL
Gauze - sterile (1 x 10)150
Gauze - unsterile (1 x 10) loose200
Glove powder1 pkt
Gowns - cottonALL
Gowns - disposable (if available)ALL
Grommets and Prosthesis (in metal box)1
Hats ALL
Jug / measure / funnel for savlon1 + 1 + 1
Mackintosh for scrub trolley 10
Operating table - head covers200
Razor blades150
Ribbon gauze 1cm x 30cm - sterile150
Ribbon gauze 1cm x 30cm - unsterile150
Savlon / spirit trays - as marked1
Scissors for hair cutting 2
Suction drain bottle set2
Suction tubing - in ear setsALL
Suction tubing - spare sterile5
Surgical gloves size 6.5200
Surgical gloves size 7300
Surgical gloves size 7.5543
Surgical gloves size 8300
Surgical gloves size 8.550
Surgicell (in plastic box)2 pkt
Tape for bandages2 rolls
Theatre tops & trousersALL
Sutures and needles - assorted in white box1
Vicryl 2/0 with cutting needle50
Vicryl 3/0 with cutting needle200
Vicryl 4/0 with cutting needle100
Vicryl as above but with RB needle 10 of each
Surgical Blades No15300
Fine set1
Grommet sets3
Head and neck set1
Major instruments6
Minor set1
Prosthesis in sterile box1
Stapes 1
Ballenger swivel knife
Bone punch - Seymour Jones back punch
Bone punch (Hajek's type)
Bronchoscope / oesophagoscope to fit laryngoscope battery handle & spare bulbs adult 
Dental propgag
Ethmoid bone nibbler
Fine bronchoscope suction tubes
Forceps - fine bronchoscope
Gigli saw wires plus handles
Laryngeal forceps (straight)
Laryngeal sucker (straight)
Lucs forceps (straight)
Macdonald dissector
Nasal suction
Ostrums back biter forceps
Straight laryngoscope (battery for F/B's)
Upward Tilley Henkels
Foot-switch, cable, micro-motor5
Hand-piece and bits: geared 3 /ungeared 5All
Instrument oil - spray
Lens cleaning paper
Microscope and spare bulbs (halogen; 75/100w)in 4 cases
Microscope handles and knobsAll
Microscope keyson key ring
Microscope stand3 set
Extra wire & light sockets
Flex extension - 5x3 with 4 plugsall
Generator (big and small) 2
Plug adaptor (round pin)all
Spare bulbs and fuses
Spotlights and bulbs - as theatre lights3
Suction filters and washers
Suction machines4
Tool kit
Ambu bellows and non rebreathing valve: adult/paediatric/neonate
Catheter mounts
Chest drain
Elbows and connectors for pipes
ET cuff forceps
ETT cleaning brushes
ETT introducers
ETT portex adaptors
ETT sets
Face masks (Rendel Baker)
Face masks (various sizes)
Laryngeal mask airways
Laryngeal spray (Forrester)
Laryngoscope set
Magill's forceps - straight/curved/paediatric1+1+1
Mini tracheotomy set - adult
Mini tracheotomy set - paed
Nasogastric tubes (10; 12; 14; 16)2 of each
OMV (halothane & trilene)
OMV bellows
Oxygen concentrator, extension tubing, Y connection1+2+1
Oxygen tubing for patient2
Pharyngeal airways (various sizes)
Pulse oxymeter 4
Space blanket4
Sphygmomanometer + adult and child cuffs2 + 2
Suction catheter (to pass via ETT) 8/10/12/142 of each
Suction tubing2
Waste gas exhaust pipe (4 metres)
Yankaur suckers - adult and paediatric4 + 2
Ampoule file2
Blood transfusion sets5
Blood withdrawing sets5
IV cannulae with port : 18g x 75; 20g x 50; 22g x 50; 24g x 10
IV set JMS10
Needles : 21g x 200, 23g x 200; LA needles 300
Plastic storage rack and trays 2
Spirit swab container and swabs200
Syringe 1ml x 100, 3ml x 300; 5ml x 300; 10ml x 300; 20ml x 150
Syringe 50ml for irrigation50
Tape 2
Towels for trollies10
Anaesthetic notes3 books
Batteries - large 12pairs
Batteries - medium 15pairs
Batteries - AA 20pairs
Batteries - AAA 5pairs
Batteries - 9V 5pairs
Brown tape5
Bulldog clips12
Carbon paper1 box
Clip board12
Common ear diseases manual5
Drug list for doctor4
Instruction sheets: dry ear, post - op, grommet, vulselva
Matches / lighters2
Nepali calendar1
Operation notes/forms200
Operation permission forms200
Out-patient examination forms (in duplicate)1500
Paper clips100
Patient instruction leaflets2 pads
Plastic bag for op notes1500
Referral slips - internal - audio/syringe1000
Ruler 2
Scissors - stationery2
Scrap paperplenty
Stapler and staplesAll
General OPD form2 boxes
Toilet Papers5 rolls
Strong string1 roll
Torch 2
Vocabulary list4
Audio Form500
Consent form200
Bleach tab 100
Blue box with tap and tubing for water1 set
Bowls for handwashing2
Bowls for washing instruments4
Brush for cleaning instruments4
Buckets - plastic 10
Cleaning clothessome
Extra wrappers10
Formalin solu / tab1 + 1
Hand towels4
Jugs for water2
Plastic bag (large) for garbage2
Plastic bag (small) pharmacy4
Rubber gloves for cleaning4
Soap - Cinthol4
Soap dishes2
Soap powder - for laundry2
Suction tubing brush2
Harpic bruss1
Cloth clampplenty
Rope for cloth100m
Fly swat2
Foam cushions3
Foam for OT table2
Jug and funnels for kerosene and petrol1 + 1
Katadyn water filter1
Kerosene100 litres
Keys and locks for barrels/trunks/microscopes3 set
Mike's and Ellen's suitcase and clothing1 and 1
Mobil1 lit.
Mosquito coils and mats1 box
Petrol2 litres
Pillows for patients3
Plastic sheeting4
Plastic stools - extraall
Rope for trunks
Surgeon's stool3
Cups disposable200
Kettle - electric1
Knife scissors1 + 1
Milk2 kg