Mike Smith
Mike Smith MB BS, LRCP, DLO, FRCS (ORL, H & N, England)

ENT Consultant Surgeon in the UK. Qualified MB BS 1976. FRCS (ORL, London) and Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (England). Trained at many centres including Oxford, Newcastle, London (Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, St Mary's Hospital) and overseas courses, principally in Otology. Surgeon GP at Leprosy Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal, 1980-82. Established ENT department at Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal, 1990-1998. Has organised, run and attended INF ear camps in over 30 districts of western Nepal, twice or more annually since 1993. International Medical and ENT experience in Ethiopia, Thailand, Uganda and North and South India.

Mike Smith envisioned a specialist ear hospital for Nepal with a strong training ethos. He has been central in developing the ear hospital's business case, website and charitable fund raising activities.
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Ann Dingle MBChB (Birm) FRCS (ORL)

Ann is an ENT surgeon with a special interest in Head and Neck surgery (cancer and benign). She qualified from Birmingham University in 1984 and trained in the West Midlands, the North East and South Wales before settling as a consultant in Cheshire in 1997. She has been involved in clinical leadership and medical management for many years holding various roles in the Trust and the region. She first worked in Nepal as a medical student and since 2000 has been a regular volunteer at a number of ear camps.

Michael Falter
Michael Falter

Michael Falter is a publisher who, on his first meeting with Mike Smith, was so inspired by his work and vision that he immediately offered his help in creating the EarAidNepal website. In 2013 he participated in the Pokhara Ear Camp.
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Philip Holt MSc MBA PGDip CS RHAD

Philip has worked in Audiology for almost 30 years, completing a Masters degree in Audiology at Manchester University and his Certificate of Audiological Competence before becoming Consultant Audiological Scientist at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire where he managed district hearing and balance services for adults and children. He completed a Masters in Business Administration in 2004 before working at the University of Manchester leading Audiology research networks with the Medical Research Council and Directing the Masters Degree in Audiology course.

Philip specialises in assessing, diagnosing and rehabilitating children and adults with hearing, balance and tinnitus problems through Holt Hearing and Balance Services.

In 2009 Philip was elected President of the British Academy of Audiology. As a Trustee of EarAidNepal he advises on the development and provision of audiology service.

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Rosie Martin BA (Hons)

Rosie first became aware of the work of EarAidNepal when Tom started volunteering on ear camps and they have recently worked together on a couple of fund raising events. She used to work supporting students in Community Education and at Oxford University and is now part of EarAidNepal's administration team.
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Tom is an ear nose and throat surgeon living and working in Worcester. He trained as a doctor at Bristol University, in Birmingham and Cambridge. He has had an association with Nepal for many years, having first worked there as a volunteer teacher in the early 1990’s. More recently, Tom has joined Mike Smith and Ellen Findlay on ear camps run by the INF. He has also been involved in coordinating research projects in Nepal with the department of international health in Birmingham University.
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Luke Smith

Luke spent much of his childhood in Nepal, living in both Pokhara and Kathmandu before returning to the UK in 1998. He has a degree in architecture from the University of Nottingham and a masters from the Royal College of Art. He now lives in London where he works for an architectural practice while studying for his final professional exam. Luke is currently involved in assisting with branding EarAidNepal, helping to organise some fundraising endeavours and has kept a keen eye on the architectural progress of the ear hospital.