Almost all surgery is under local anaesthesia with sedation, sometimes with additional IV anaesthesia (generally Ketamine or Thiopentone).

Other IV anaesthetic agents were not widely available at reasonable cost within Nepal until recently.

We are currently looking at a change to more IV anaesthesia with agents such as Propafol.

Team members are experienced in LA technique and can help visiting anaesthetists if they are not already familiar. We carry intubation anaesthesia equipment (with OMV type draw over Halothane and Trilene), but have found less and less need for this. We have pO2 monitoring and O2 concentrators available.

We try to plan that we have at least one anaesthetist on each camp that has been on a previous ear
camp with us.

We usually have three operating tables in constant use. We often work well into the evenings, the surgeons alternating between outpatients and theatre as needed

Download the INF Camps Anaesthesia Equipment List and Setup Guide

Anaesthetic Chart for anaesthetic record