We run OPD with 4 doctor stations.

Headlights, Welch-Allyn otoscopes, instruments, topical medications all available.
We mainly dry mop or syringe ears with pus to enable detailed examination. We do not normally do any OPD micro-suction due to time constraints.
We have a flexible nasendoscope if needed.

We run 3 operating tables

Each has a good quality Zeiss operating microscope, 2 of these have video observation screens; surgical suction; diathermy when needed; Bien-Air dental style micro-motor mastoid drill; small spotlight; pulse oxymeter; oxygen concentrator if required; good set of surgical instruments. We have additional instruments in case you do not find something you want in the set. If you have favourite instruments that you think we may not have, then please bring these with you.

We carry a set of general ENT, Head and Neck instruments in case needed for cases such as parotidectomy.

In audiology we have 3 pure tone audiometers and 2 tympanometers, at times these can be temperamental and so we usually have one additional spare audiometer. (If you have a portable audiometer that is available for donation we are constantly seeking to upgrade). There are otoscopes; mould making tools such as oto-light, loop puller and drills.

In the syringing area we will have several metal ear syringes available, with otoscopes.


We have a bio-medical technician/electrician on each camp and also to do repairs in the HQ in Pokhara between camps.

Much of the time on an ear camp we work using electric power from a generator because the local power supply may be weak or variable.
Water supply may also be unreliable. The technician and team will make arrangements together with the local health facility (usually the district hospital or health centre) to maintain supplies continuously during working time.

The planned ear hospital will have a permanent technician attached.