Generally we will book a hotel, usually the
Summit Hotel in Patan, in advance by e-mail ready for our arrival and departure dates. This is a comfortable hotel with rooms at reasonable cost (about £20-25 per night or better rooms at about £ 35 per night). It also has a small pool and nice view (above). There are many other hotels that are usually easy to find rooms in at short notice at every level of cost. e.g. Tibet guest house in Thamel (who will also collect you from airport free of charge). Some will reduce prices dramatically if you bargain/ask for discount.

Taxi from airport

Current fare is about 400-500 rupees from the airport to anywhere in Kathmandu town, per taxi or minivan. Either ask at taxi booking counter as you exit airport door or use any of the drivers assailing you! Don’t worry they are generally very good-natured about it!
Keep things in perspective (
today’s exchange rates), it costs about £4.00 to go the several miles into Kathmandu.
Porters: 50 Rs each is fair, if there are a group give them 100-200 Rs (if you have to double this don’t despair!) and they will divide it up, leave them to it, don’t be intimidated!


If you're not sure where to go, lost, or have missed a connection

Go to
Summit Hotel in Patan (taxis know it, pronounce it Soomit Ohtel, Paataan!), we will look for you there

Summit Hotel
Phone: +977 1 55 21 810 and +977 155 24 694
Fax: +977 1 55 23 737 and +977 155 35 221

If calling from overseas, the Nepal country code is +977

To contact INF via KTM office, 01 52 11 83 / 52 69 28 or perhaps 01 52 77 93,
or Pokhara office on 061 20111 / 21994 / 25617 (closed Saturday and Sunday)

When in Nepal Mike Smith’s own current Nepali N-cell mobile phone number is: +977 98 13 16 63 73

Mike Smith, Eka Dev Devkota

Mike Smith and
Eka Dev Devkota (camps co-ordinator)

Eka Dev our co-ordinator on camp has a normal mobile and laptop which may work even when he is in remote areas, his contact details are:

- Eka Dev Devkota
- Camps Co-ordinator
- International Nepal Fellowship
- P. O. Box 28, Kaski, Pokhara, Nepal
- Email:
- Web:

- Telephone 1: +(977) 61 431 015
- Telephone 2: +(977) 61 430 548
- Mobile 1
: +(977) 98 460 21866
- Mobile 2: +(977) 98 560 31345
- Personal email address:
- Skype: devkota.ed

You can e-mail or phone home easily from the hotel in Kathmandu, it is more difficult from district centres but usually possible (International code for Nepal is +977 then delete first zero of local code).
We usually now take a laptop on camp with internet access via the local phone system.
Mobile phones: there is a link in Kathmandu, but not all providers can use it (Orange, Vodafone and O2 were working recently).
Mobiles are increasingly working with the usual providers even in quite remote areas, or you can purchase a local SIM card.


Mike Smith’s contact details:

Mobile: +44 (0)7771 983158 (UK)
Work: +44 (0)1432 364074 (Secretary)