Shante Pariyar

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Shante Pariyar (14, M) is from Myagdi District, one of the rural districts in Western Nepal. He recently underwent his right ear surgery at the Ear Centre.

Shante had problems in his both ears, his right ear more severe, since he was nine year old. There used to constant discharge of water and often blood from his both ears. Shante couldn’t even hear properly since then. Because of the hearing problem, Shante discontinued his study after grade four. His family took him to nearby health post and later to one of the leading private hospital in Pokhara. Shante received his first surgery in the private hospital five years ago. The problem got relapsed during this period with development of an external wound behind the right ear.

Shante’s aunt visited Pokhara and got to hear about the Ear Centre. She told Shante’s mother to take him for the treatment. The family had no money even for travelling to Pokhara. Shante’s neighbors and relatives supported them travel fare. After proper assessment, Shante underwent surgery of his right ear. His cost has been covered through the hospital’s Medical Charity Fund.

The Pariyar family are thankful to receive the support from the hospital.