1 - Durga Lal Thapa

A 50 year old female had never been to school. She is a farmer and housewife and spends her time cooking, cleaning and sleeping. She has three sons who live with her and her husband, but cannot communicate with any of them due to her hearing loss, so just cooks and cleans and sleeps. She was accompanied by 3 younger women from her home near Dhangadi, called Chisopani in Karnali. She travelled on the night bus leaving at 6 pm and arriving at 10 AM. They are staying in the hotel.
She had surgery on the right and a bone conductor hearing aid on the left.
She greeted Peggy with a Christian greeting.
She felt the hearing aid helped her immediately and is very very happy because it will stop her being so isolated.
The young women with her were very surprised that they did not have to shout anymore to be heard.

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2 - 
Amma (mother)

Works by cutting grass, carrying wood in baskets and feeding the buffalo. Her niece accompanied her and says that a hearing aid is not suitable for her type of work, but Amma herself wants it.
She lives 15-20 minutes away by bus in a big village with 3-4000 people.

Amma has come to live permanently in her mother’s house because her husband has another wife. Her husband lives a 7-hour walk away.
Four years ago her hearing started to deteriorate slowly.
Her speaking is affected and her niece shouts. She is isolated and goes to sleep while the family chats.

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3 - 
Mandara Sayar

Is a 40 year old Chettri man. He has had hearing loss since he was a small boy. He is from Dhangadi 8 ward, which is a 2-hour bus ride from Chainpur. Eighty people live in the village and the guardian calls it a big village. There is no electricity in his house.
His parents came from that village but are both dead now.
He went to school but only to one class because of his hearing loss. He works as a ‘mystery man’ doing plumbing, electrical, ‘DIY’ and farming. He is the village dharmi (shaman or witchdoctor). He has never cut his hair.

He doesn't know what is happening or going on around him because of his hearing loss. There are no other people in his family with hearing loss. He is married with 3 boys and 1 girl.
He does not feel there are problems at home because of his hearing. He can listen on his mobile.

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4 - 
Two 7-year-old girls

Both had extensive bilateral cholesteatoma disease in their ears.
One Tibetan extraction girl had both sides operated 3 days apart, then ear dressings changed with a short anaesthetic on the last camp day.
The other girl had one side mastoidectomy and her parents plan to attend our next ear camp in Pokhara in 7 months time to have the other ear operated. In all these operations the intention was to clear disease but also reconstruct the hearing with ossiculoplasties.

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