PALPA 2017

Delighted Sinjali family!!

Raymond Sinjali (14) from Palpa District was born as a healthy child. Regrettably with his growing age, Raymond’s hearing ability started degrading. Unknown of the condition, Raymond parents could not pay much attention to it. Consequently, Raymond lost his hearing ability, particularly the left one.

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Raymond’s family could do nothing to help him due to their economic condition The money sent by the family’s elder son from abroad was just enough for their basic requirements. This restricted the family from seeking treatment for their child.

Raymond’s school teachers took initiative to help him. They searched for every possible means. One of the teachers contacted a child development center in Pokhara for help. Without any delay, the center contacted INF to solve the little boys hearing problem, as they aware of the commendable service provided by the Green Pastures Hospital Ear Service Centre.

Raymond underwent a successful ear surgery at the centre. His sister-in-law taking care of Raymond post-surgery said, ‘we were rather angry at ourselves than sad because we were unable to do anything for our child. It was painful to see him not able to hear. We are very thankful to the centre for providing us with this immense help; hopefully our little boy will be able to hear completely like other kids”.

Written by Sunita Bhandari, an Intern at GPH