ROLPA - 2019



Bringing new hope in life!

For almost every boy and girl, being in early teen age means start of heading down the path toward becoming a healthy responsible adult. The future dreams start shaping with more involvement in academic and sports activities. However, this was not the case for fifth grader

Tej Lal Roka Magar. He had to struggle to listen to his teachers’ lectures. He had difficulties in getting social with his friends. This was all because of the problem in his ears.
Tej is14 year boy from Sheram, Rolpa, Nepal. Rolpa District is located in Mid-Western Development Region of the country. It is situated in the height of 701 meters to 3639 meters from sea level and its area is 1879 square kilometres. Tej and his father, Badal Singh Roka Magar, travelled 14 hours in bus to come to the Ear Centre in Pokhara. Tej recently underwent surgery of his right ear.
Tej hearing capacity was decreasing since 10 years. He also had problem of fluid discharge from his both ears. The ear problem was preventing Tej from attending his classes regularly. His performance was decreasing too along with his hearing ability. Tej ‘s family started worrying about his condition but were helpless owing to their poor economic situation. Badal fulfils his family’s basic need by working as mason and in fields of his neighbours. The income is just enough for the family. The land field the Roka family owns gives food grains just enough for three months of a year. For rest of the time, they need to buy food locally.
The Roka family was suggested to visit the Ear Centre by their close friends. Tej was diagnosed with B/L ear Perforation CSOM (TT) and underwent Atticotomy with Tympanoplasty and Ossiculoplasty surgery at Ear Centre on December 2019. After having socio-economic assessment done, Roka family was identified as poor. The Centre then supported the surgery cost from the Centre’s Medical Charity Fund.
The Roka Family is glad to receive the service and care in the Centre. They are hopeful that Tej’s problem will be cured now and that he will be able to concentrate over his studies.
(*Photo consent taken by his father)