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Sapana Rasaily (name changed for anonymity) is a 25- year-old woman from Baglung district and she is farmer and a housewife. She lives in a joint family along with her 2 sons.

When she was 6 years of age she developed a wound in her right ear with regular discharge of pus. During that time in her village there were no proper heath facilities and there were very few vehicles. On top of this she belonged to a poor family and could not afford to go far for treatment. She tried home remedies for her ear and after some time her wound healed. Although the wound was healed she gradually started to lose her hearing and she didn’t expect this, but there was nothing she could do. From 24th- 26th April, Green Pastures Hospital conducted a three-day ear outreach camp in Burtibang of Dhorpatan Rural Municipality (RM). She, being a neighbouring resident of Burtibang RM, heard about the ear camp. In the hope of hearing again, she decided to consult the doctor in the camp and did so. In the camp the doctor, after examining her case, suggested she visit the Green Pastures Hospital as her treatment was not possible in the camp.

Following the doctor’s suggestion she visited GPH and she was recommended for surgery and after the agreement with the patient, the doctors operated on her right ear. The doctors also suggested for surgery on left ear as well, after she had recovered from the first operation. Due to hearing deficiency she had left school when she was in grade 4. After surgery she feels lightness in her life and is able to hear much better than before. She is hopeful that in the near future she will be able to hear clearly once the operation on her left ear is done. Previously due to her low hearing she could not communicate easily with other people and even her family members, which used to make her life difficult.

She is very thankful to GPH for conducting ear outreach camps near her home. “If there hadn’t been the ear outreach camp, I might never have been able to correct my hearing deficiency,” says Mrs. Rasaily.