This page refreshes automatically every three minutes but a new image is only sent from Pokhara once an hour. It should be lit at night, but when not, the image will appear black with possibly just a few lights visible in the distance.

Sunrise (and sunset) varies between approximately 7am (5:35 pm) in mid January and 5:15 am (7 pm) in mid June.

The clock shows the current time at the Ear Hospital.

Timelapse film of the construction project

Watch a 60 second time-lapse showing the entire construction of the Ear Hospital. Peder Eriksson is in charge of filming in Pokhara and has assembled the time-lapse. Try watching full screen and if you would like to step through image by image then just pause the film and use the left and right keys on your keyboard.

To see the location of the Foundation Stone in Google Maps, click here
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Webcam location and approximate field of view

Click HERE to see the latest Google Earth image of the Ear Hospital