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Hearing Project Nepal

Retired Australian audiometrist David Hine established ‘
Hearing Project Nepal’ in 2009.

The project has provided free hearing services for the past five years and has a permanent clinic which operates from its premises in Lakeside, Pokhara.

Services include free hearing tests, the provision of medications, wax removal, the fitting and servicing of free hearing aids and so on. The clinic also organises rural trips to service outlying districts.

Over the past five years more than 15,000 people have been seen and about 1,500 free hearing aids fitted by HPN. At times the clinic has liaised with the International Nepal Fellowship to assist one another with client matters, services and referrals.

Over these years David and Dr Mike Smith have discussed the need to develop training for hearing service providers in Nepal. When David heard about the proposed establishment of the INF Ear Hospital and Training Centre (IEHTC) he was quick to offer his co-operation in the venture.

After further discussions with INF board members it was agreed that it would be beneficial for all concerned to have one establishment in Pokhara. It was proposed that HPN should merge with IEHTC and transfer its support, equipment, and those willing staff members to the new hospital. In this way the hospital would have its audiology wing up and ready to begin operating as soon as the hospital construction was complete.

HPN Australia, like EAN and also SON Switzerland now has a Memorandum of Understanding with INF Nepal, to formalise its collaboration, volunteer expertise and support.
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David Hine of HPN hands over new portable and desktop Tympanometers for the EHTC joint project, Dec 2014

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Hearing Project Nepal, Baidam Lakeside, Pokhara, Dec 2014