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Dr Lukas Eberle, an ENT/ORL/HNO consultant surgeon in Brunnen, Switzerland is a much valued long term supporter and friend of ear camps. He has joined us himself many times over the years. He has also encouraged a large number of valued Swiss and German colleagues to volunteer.

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The Swiss Donor Team
In 2007 Dr Lukas Eberle founded SON (Stiftung Ohrchirugie Nepal),
a charity whose aims are to fund the cost of the Ear Camps
and the building of the Ear Hospital in Pokhara

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Georg Schinko
Neuroth AG

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Edi Scammacca
Neuroth AG

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Rolf Frischknekt
Rosemarie Mettler

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Peter Schuppli
Family Office AG

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Peter Kern
Software Entwicklung

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Carl Eisener
Victorinox AG

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The 2013 Swiss Volunteer Team
November 2013, Pokhara, Nepal
Baerbel Riesz-Bigus, Walter Kurer, Kerstin Tunzl, Sonja Christen, Hermann Glarner
Lukas Eberle, Tamar Larentis, Mercedes Ogal, Hans Ogal

Pokhara 2013 Swiss-4283

Watch the Dedication Ceremony speeches here

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To see the location of the Foundation Stone in Google Maps, click here