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INF Ear Hospital and Training Centre

We are always keen to encourage
donors and sponsors for this project and will readily acknowledge all donors who request it on this site. Acknowledgement may include company logos, brief text about involvement and photos of key personnel. Donations may be financial or ‘in kind’ such as medical equipment, practical voluntary work or commitment to visit and teach.

We are particularly indebted to the
Swiss team SON (Stiftung Ohrchirurgie Nepal), which has raised from many major and minor donors the majority of the funding for the Ear Hospital and Training Centre, and also been a principal sponsor of the Ear Camps for many years. SON has much useful information on it’s Swiss webpages.

SON in Switzerland, EAN (Ear Aid Nepal) in the UK and the INF (International Nepal Fellowship, which is based in Nepal but has linked INF groups in many countries, particularly in Europe and Australasia) are linked through MoU (Memoranda of Understanding) in their joint efforts to support the Ear Hospital with it’s training and outreach work, including Ear Camps.

Donors or sponsors are urged to
contact us for further information.

The Swiss Donor Team