Ear Aid Nepal Educational Otology Awards
Offered to Nepali Doctors and Audiologists based in Nepal

Criteria for selection and application process

• The award is intended to facilitate the selected DOCTOR candidate(s) to attend an OTOLOGY course or conference.

• We offer one place for a qualified AUDIOLOGIST to attend an appropriate course.

• Course duration of up to about 1 week

• Bursary equivalent to UK £2,500

• EAN reserve the right to pay the course fee directly to the course organisers and will provide any remaining amount to the candidate directly

• Cancellations must be notified as soon as possible

• Candidate must be under 45 years of age on date of course

• Medical Candidate should have completed MS ENT or equivalent postgraduate ENT qualification

• Audiology Candidate should have completed Bachelor of Audiology or Bachelor of Audiology and Speech and Language Pathology (BASLP) or equivalent.

• Course date must be within 12 months of acceptance of the candidate by EAN trustees

• Attach CV and 200 word explanation of reason for attending this particular course and how it will provide benefit

• Submit applications via details on Society of Otolaryngologists of Nepal (SOL) website

• SOL panel will shortlist 5 candidates per bursary (Additional advice may be sought from the Speech and Hearing Association of Nepal, SHAN)

• Names of members of SOL panel to be available to candidates and EAN

• Final decision made by EAN trustees in UK (names of members to be available to candidates and SOL)

• Skype interview of candidates with an EAN appointed panel in UK may be required

• Course should preferably be in UK

• Or internationally recognised centre

• Candidates responsible for all travel and other practical arrangements

• For courses in the UK, EAN will if possible provide local contacts to help facilitate the visit

• Candidate must provide evidence that a provisional place has been obtained on the course

• Report must be supplied (1,000-2,000 words) to EAN and SOL within 1 month of attendance, preferably with photographic images. The report must explain the course content, reflection on knowledge gained and the usefulness of this course to the candidate

• For courses in the UK, Ear Aid Nepal may be able to arrange a 1/52 additional observational otology and lateral skull base attachment in a teaching department. Dates would require negotiation with the centre and the consultant offering oversight, but would normally be immediately before or after the selected UK course.

• The success of the first bursary awards in 2017/18 has encouraged the EAN panel to repeat the award and to expand it to include an audiologist, it may be repeated annually as funds permit. Either one, two or three candidates will be selected depending on suitable applications and funds

• The decision of the EAN trustees is final and no further correspondence will be entered into

• Closing date for receipt of bursary applications by SOL is 1st June each year

EAN also have separate Staff educational bursaries available to those working at the Ear Centre at INF Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara and in its ear care community outreach work.

These bursaries are only available to members of staff, both clinical and non-clinical. (Medical and audiology staff are also able to compete on an equal basis for the Ear Aid Nepal Educational Otology Awards described above).

** Application form for Staff Educational Bursary **

Final report of Ear Aid Nepal educational otology award 2018


2018 - Dr Shrestha

2018 - Dr Nabin

2017 - Dr Bivek Aryal

2017 - Dr Nain Mahatol