We do wish a huge thank you to the very many
people who have given their time and effort to help this work. Those who have been to Nepal as volunteers have been rewarded by the opportunity to see this first hand, so an even bigger thank you must go to those who have not had that chance. Many have been fund raisers, organized events, provided equipment, knitted colourful hats, scarves and blankets for patients and much more.

At the close of an ear camp the local officials and patients often hold a small
ceremony, present garlands or a certificate, so we would like to include all those who were not there to see this in their thanks. We have often been the first to travel to these people’s region in order to offer any specialist help and they are genuinely pleased and always ask us if we can return. It is in order to help provide an ongoing sustainable service that we are building the Ear Hospital with training facilities.