IMPORTANT NOTICE - Ear Camps cancelled until further notice

For a few years I have managed the volunteer workforce for camps to support Mike Smith as he headed for Nepal to work in the new Ear Hospital. Our volunteer workforce is, in the main, people who have heard of Mike and the work that he does in Nepal. Others have come across our website or have heard about the camps from previous volunteers. I am not sure however that many will have realised that the Ear camps are run under the auspices of and are entirely dependent upon the International Nepal Fellowship (INF), a Christian mission who have had a presence in Nepal since the 1950’s. Every 5 years INF sign a five year agreement with the Nepal Government that lays out a work plan and agrees the visas that will be approved to support this. Whilst the agreement is frequently delayed, this year it has been made clear that to work without the agreement would put both the individual and INF at risk. There has even been the threat of jail. We understand that there are about 170 other international aid and volunteer agencies that also have their agreements pending.

So, with sadness and frustration we have had to cancel Ear Camps until further notice. We are grateful for the understanding shown by those who have been inconvenienced and hope that you can bear with us until the future is clear. We believe that there remains a critical need for volunteers, both for camps and to ensure that the newly built ear centre is supported until it is self-sufficient. We hope that interested parties will continue to contact us to register their interest and as soon as we have a clearer idea of the future we will contact our current list of supporters.

Ann Dingle


Here we offer information about volunteering for the ear camps and the ear hospital project.

The aim is to answer the frequent and not so frequent questions about the practical aspects of volunteering, what it involves and the needs.

We give background information and explain practicalities of travel to and within Nepal such as climate, clothing, language and security. You will also want to find out about the beautiful country, the Himalayan mountains and the wonderful people, and to read about previous volunteers’ experiences.

All volunteers are expected to be committed to serve, and with the rest of the team offer the best care they can to the Nepali people, in accordance with the ethics policy.

Ear camp volunteers

Ear camps are usually in quite remote areas and the travel and accommodation can be quite arduous. The local facilities are improving rapidly, but are certainly not five star! The camps are amazing opportunities to help disadvantaged people and see places tourists will not normally have any chance to see, to stay in Nepali local hotels and to see the health facilities available to villagers. The medical work usually lasts about 8-9 days but the travel each end means that including travel from your home country you will need 2 weeks total. Of course you can extend this if you wish to take holiday, go trekking or visit other places in the region.

Hospital volunteers

The Ear Hospital opened in late 2015 with an ear camp on site. We need regular visitors to help with the work and with teaching. The ways you could be involved will depend on your own experience and the type of visa arranged. Volunteers may come for various periods varying from days upwards, depending on the schedule arranged, such as teaching or working alongside local staff.
Pokhara has many facilities including hotels at all standards. There are many activities available in and around the Pokhara valley. The area is the starting point for some world famous trekking routes such as those in the Annapurna region.

For further information see the Volunteer ‘
Visas and Regulations’ page.


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