Medical doctors and dentists will need to register with the Nepal Medical Council (NMC).

There are 4 main steps:
1. Send us the papers below as soon as requested.
2. Request ‘Letter of good standing’ from your national medical council.
3. Give us a photocopy of your visa soon after arrival in Nepal.
4. For those who have not registered before, a brief interview at the NMC in Kathmandu is also required.

We will contact you to request the paperwork that is currently required. As soon as requested please send us copies (photocopies by post or scanned e mail attachments) of the current requirements, so please find them in good time:
1. Certificate of Basic Medical qualification
2. Certificate of Post-graduate specialty qualification
3. Certificate of registration by medical (or dental) council in home country e.g. GMC/GDC in UK (now available to print off, on line)
4. Letter of good standing. For UK doctors they will need to go to the GMC website and request a ‘Letter of good standing’ to be sent directly to the NMC office in Kathmandu. (Nepal Medical Council, Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal) It is not possible to do this through a third party.
5. Passport main page and current visa (most volunteers obtain their visa at immigration at Tribhuvan airport on arrival in Kathmandu, our office staff will need a photocopy of this soon after arrival, we will arrange to collect from you)
6. 3 x passport photos taken within past 6/12
7. NMC registration papers, originals only (we will usually mail the blank forms to you from our camps HQ office in Pokhara, Nepal. They are also available on line from NMC)
8. Pay registration fee. You will need to pay the NMC a fee for temporary registration, currently $80 (lasts duration of current visa or up to 1 year). We will collect this from you; we will have submitted it to NMC in advance, with your papers

Arrangements and requirements may change. It is very important that we receive all papers except visa copy in good time and as soon as we request them.

For full details see NMC website and downloadable form at:

GMC website gives details on how to get certificate of good standing sent direct from them to NMC and the application form at:

Please return these and all other papers to Nepal promptly, it is essential that we have the papers well in advance and allowing for postal problems, otherwise the NMC will not have checked and prepared them for the interview.

We will arrange the interview for you with the NMC on arrival in Nepal. This is usually held on a Sunday morning. It is likely to be a quick formality for those with qualifications from developed countries. The NMC is aware of our work but for obvious reasons has to check credentials of those seeking to practice in Nepal.

Occasionally doctors have been asked slightly more probing questions about the planned work here, though the registrars should be aware of this as our office is in regular communication with the NMC. For example people have been asked about patient follow up, or what happens if a patient has a complication. We have staff in Nepal and all patients are given details of how to make contact with them by several possible means, we can then arrange for that patient to be transported to a centre if telephone advice to local medical staff is not enough. We cover all the costs of any such event, thankfully rare. We have good relations with national ENT doctors and they will also help if our staff needs to contact them for advice or to treat a patient. Our local staff can also e mail or phone volunteers in UK for other specific advice. We have been asked about equipment levels and anaesthetic facilities. Most of the surgery is under LA. We have oxygen concentrators and monitoring devices. We have a very long history of these camps and experience second to none, so we are aware of limitations and caution necessary in a camp situation.


Request for a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)

Application Form for Foreign National Doctors

NMC Code of Ethics

NMC interview room
NMC interview room

NMC offices, Medical and dental team going for interview
NMC offices. Medical and dental team going for interview, 2013