There are a number of areas in which students have worked with us.

Medical student volunteers on ear camps
The camps are short and so they are not suitable as elective placements unless they form a part of a longer placement in the region

Other students on ear camps
We occasionally have opportunities. You must be ready to take on a flexible role, helping wherever needed and your skills fit best.

Student volunteers for the ear hospital
Several have expressed their interest in helping run sponsored events for
fund raising. All exciting ideas are welcome!
As the building progresses there are likely to be opportunities to come to Nepal and combine some work in painting, labouring etc. with a holiday and travel.

Student research projects
Several students doing Bachelor of Medical Science, International or Public Health degrees, usually intercalated as part of their medical studies, have spent 4-8 weeks in Nepal. We have provided ideas and on the ground support for projects working with the deaf and those with ear disease or at risk (see
published and unpublished research articles section)