Clothing, please do not look scruffy on the camp, as medical staff we are expected by local staff to look reasonably tidy and modest. In the daytime it is sunny and warm most of the year.

General: Generally smart casual. Not T-shirts. Mostly warm weather clothing. Spare clothing can be donated to poor patients.

In winter (such as November ear camps), indoors, evenings or at altitude a polar fleece jacket/sweater useful. When trekking at altitude a down jacket is useful (can hire or buy at reasonable cost in Kathmandu or Pokhara)

Swimming costume may be useful.

Men: shirt sleeves (short sleeved with collars) and lightweight trousers are enough. No ties needed. Only wear shorts when among tourists.

Ladies: long (below knee skirts), shoulders covered, cool cotton.

Nepal Kit List for Lady Audiologists - Click here for updated List 2012

- Sleeping bag (2-3 season, unless trekking high) and liner
- Sleeping mat, many places we go have no mattress or very thin foam, you might be sleeping on the floor or a wooden bed. A camping closed cell foam or inflatable mattress is very worthwhile!
- Sunglasses
- Wash kit, towel. Soap and shampoo can usually be bought locally.
- Water bottle
- Torch. (Spare AA, C and D batteries are generally available locally. AAA are not).
- Camera (and memory cards). (Spare batteries).
- Umbrella, for sun or rain, available (like almost everything else) locally very cheap.
- Rain-wear rarely needed.
- Neck pillow may be useful on long bus/Land Rover rides.
- Book
- Footwear; shoes/sandals and flip-flops (useful in shower etc), lightweight walking boots or trainers are OK for trekking
- Snacks, Cup-a-soups, cheese, choc/nut bars etc. may be useful if local diet is monotonous on an ear camp
- Personal medical kit could include:


Insect repellent.

Water sterilization: We take a water filter and mineral water is widely available. You may also wish to take chlorine tablets (Steritabs) or silver tablets (Micropur) (less taste) or liquid iodine in dropper bottle to add to drinking water.


Travel sickness pills.

Imodium (diarrhoea symptomatic treatment).

Antimalarials: Only needed if visiting Terrai and you wish to take them (most of us do not).

Ciprofloxacin antibiotic (travellers diarrhoea).
Metronidazole or Tinidazole (amoebic diarrhoea).
Metoclopramide (stomach upset, vomiting).

Analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Acyclovir (if you get cold sores).
Diamox (acetazolamide) consider, if trekking at altitude.

(Most of these drugs are available cheaply locally).

We have many medicines with us; so only bring personal or unusual medications or those you might need during the journey.