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In the villages accommodation is local style, usually in typical simple Nepali hotels, or sometimes within the hospital we are visiting.

Facilities are variable but in general have to be described as basic! Toilet and washing facilities may be very simple.

Most have wooden beds with thin mattresses of cotton or foam. Mosquitos rarely trouble us during the seasons when we run camps, so a net is not normally needed.

Food is usually typical local Nepali style (the famous Dal Bhat). This is rice or chapatti and a vegetable curry. We can control how hot and spicy it is but the basic constituents are all that are usually available. Vegetables depend on season. Meat is a luxury. Most quickly adapt and even enjoy the change! Though it will make ‘normal’ food all the more welcome on return to Kathmandu!

Drinks are mainly sterilized water and soft drinks like Coke or Fanta orange. Bottled mineral water is available and we also arrange filtered and boiled water.

Nepali tea (Chhya, sweet and spicy) is available as well as black and lemon tea. If you need coffee it is best to bring it with you.

We generally do not drink alcohol while on ear camps in the villages; we feel it may give a bad impression or be misinterpreted, as we are there to do our best to serve the people not to holiday! Many areas of Nepal were ‘dry’ areas by law. Alcohol abuse related to poverty is a real problem.

The combination of hard work, new experiences and helping, together with team spirit, all make the time satisfying! You will have some amazing memories to look back on.

While travelling to the camp we may pass through larger towns such as Pokhara or Nepalganj, these have larger, better and more expensive hotels. Good western food as well as Indian may be available.


Here there are many good tourist hotels. It is a tourist hot spot; it is a starting point for many treks such as those around Annapurna. There is para-gliding, boating on the lake, rafting and a multitude of other things to do. There are numerous tourist and trekking shops, mainly at Lakeside.
The hotels vary from back-packer to 4-5 star. We will negotiate special rates for visitors.