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Building on the International Nepal Fellowship’s 20 years experience
in many remote and poor areas with
Ear Camps, the

Ear Hospital and Training Centre

is a base for continued camps and a referral centre with additional specialist facilities that camps cannot provide. It is on the southern edge of Pokhara, a bustling new city in the Western Region of Nepal with magnificent mountain views and popular with tourists. Many suffer the lifelong effects of pain or infection in their ears, and deafness that in children often prevents the development of normal speech and language. The hearing disabled are the largest group of people with a sensory disability in Nepal. The deaf are frequently unable to benefit from education resulting in very poor employment and social prospects. Much of the ear disease is related to poverty and poor access to medical services.

We provide professional expertise, specialist volunteers, information
and support with fund-raising.

The Ear Hospital and Training Centre
is transforming the lives of many.

Contact us for further information.
Out patients and Audiology open from 9 am - 3.30 pm, Sundays till Fridays inclusive.