The Ear Centre

The audiology department is extremely well equipped with modern testing and has trained staff.

A wide range of hearing aids are available and can be fitted to match individual patient’s hearing losses. Technical systems are used to ensure the best fitting.

Counselling about tinnitus, imbalance, use and maintenance of hearing aids are offered.

The hospital has sound proofed areas for conducting hearing tests. Specialised tests such as speech audiometry are language dependent and have been developed. Screening of babies shearing soon after birth is being conducted and is available to any parent on request.

Supplies of suitable hearing aid batteries and spare parts are available. Hearing aid moulds are made on site, and repairs are available.

Community provision of hearing aids in Nepal

There are various types and costs of aid and special needs in a country like Nepal. Advances in hearing aid and hearing implant technology are rapid.

Battery costs and maintenance, the climate, the torrential monsoon rains and high humidity, and the agricultural lifestyle of many patients add to the challenges. There is much to do and be developed. We need to identify suitable suppliers, reliable hearing aids, develop chains of supply and repair, work on keeping costs to a minimum and learn how to train technicians and develop small businesses that are transferable to the remoter areas. The team are involved with various organisations internationally in an effort to seek solutions to some of these problems.

There are ethical dilemmas such as appropriate options for the deaf and dumb since birth, and how and when to offer high cost and high maintenance hearing systems such as bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants. These need careful consideration. We are committed to assisting the development and accessibility of these services.

Suitable quiet testing environments and accurate calibrated equipment can also be challenging to arrange in the community, our outreach and audit teams are actively working to find some low cost, appropriate technological answers.


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